A fully integrated CAD/CAM and MasterCAM system is directly linked to our laser and punch presses, machine centers, and a digitized inspection scanner, allowing for maximum productivity and efficiency. Methods Tooling has the ability to receive data in DXF, IGES, or CADL formats via email or disk.

CAD/CAM Programming System

Fabriwin CAD CAM


Waterjet CAD

Our Digitizing Inspection Scanner enables us to scan flat pattern products and overlay them directly to a CAD program which, in turn, produces a print with dimensional deviations. The scanner gives us the ability to perform reverse engineering and to produce statistical process control data.

Flat Pattern Digitizing Inspection Scanner

We also conform to the QC requirements of several different customers including specialized inspection forms and/or quality requirements.

Our Quality Control Department strictly ensures that all ISO 9001 Requirements are implemented.

Digital Height Gauge

Digital Height Gauge