We are now able to cut a wide variety of materials at varying thicknesses. Our waterjet features new cutting edge technology; this system has a small, articulated wrist which allows the cutting head to tilt in any direction compensating for the stream lag and taper experienced with conventional waterjet cutting machines.

Most importantly, this type of waterjet cuts precision square edges with 95k psi.

Dynamic Waterjet Mach3

The Dynamic Waterjet has many benefits which will enable us to serve our customers more efficiently than ever. Listed below are a few highlights:

  • Cuts parts faster than conventional flat stock waterjet cutting machines
  • Improve cut part tolerance and geometry at significantly higher speeds
  • Virtually eliminates taper
  • Reduce part cost
  • True part stacking ability with consistent tolerance layer to layer
  • Cuts a variety of materials, such as metal, stone, glass and composites
  • Cut parts using virtually any CAD file, or scan a drawing directly into the FlowMaster Software